KUCI (Irvine, CA) on "It's Like This"

"This swings. Buennig plays sax, not saxophone, the way Byron Berline fiddle, not violin. Maybe because he is far away from the big city scene in Iowa, he is relaxed, not derivative or chasing fashion, and perpetually in the groove. Supported by a band of what sounds very much like friends, he drops a panoply of originals in multiple traditions, be-bop, Latin, balladry, post-bop, free jazz. They are all well crafted and deeply engaging." -Hobart Taylor

South Dakota Public Broadcasting Interview (click to listen)

Geneseo Republic Interview (click for original article)

Midwest Record on "It's Like This"

"One of those jazzbos with a knack for moving forward into the past, this cat that provides the swing in Iowa leads the charge on some dandy straight ahead sax blowing that masterfully hits all the right notes along the way.  Solid sitting down listening made for accompanying your fave glass of spirits, this is simply a right on sounding set.  A solid dose of pure jazz for serious listeners that want to hear some new stuff done right."

The Cuban Bridge on "It's Like This"

"This is a very good Jazz album, the members of the band know each other very well, they have been friends for years, and have also played together for a long while, that is a good link for any kind of music exchange and transmission. The leader doesn't overdo his leadership, there's room for everybody soloing and shine. I also enjoyed Jim Buennig's liner notes for his own album, very sincere recognizes all those who let him grow and make mistakes while playing his saxophone, and writing all his own music, = but grow in a real positive way. While listening can feel all the positive influences he mentions mainly from saxophone masters, and one exceptional player - composer like Herbie Hancock. This album lets jazz breathe..." -Toni Basanta